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Keep materials moving, projects progressing and systems running.

Your industrial shipments call for a trusted logistics partner with global industrial shipping expertise and capabilities.

Mission Critical

Enjoy fully flexible and expedited shipping anywhere, anytime, every time. We’ll ensure visibility and route optimizations for your most urgent deliveries.

  • Your equipment arrives on schedule at all costs, with best-in-class delivery route optimization.
  • Get peace of mind knowing your shipment is on its way with 24-hour access to our Mission Critical specialists.

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Dangerous Goods

Our air and ground staff are dangerous goods specialists. Know that your items will travel safely and be received responsibly.

  • Ensure that dangerous goods are handled with expertise and comply with all transportation regulations.
  • Our exemplary safety and compliance record makes us a reliable choice for shipping dangerous goods via both air and ground.

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Industrial solutions by industry

Purolator is your single source end-to-end supply chain shipping partner that can keep your industrial equipment shipments moving.

Auto Parts Shipping

Easily ship large, heavy, irregularly shaped and fragile automotive parts and accessories to, from and within Canada with Purolator's multiple and flexible shipping options such as urgent, next-day and express shipping.

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Delivering on the promise of a better future

Our goal is to be Canada’s greenest courier. That’s why we’re making important sustainability investments, including investing in greener buildings and alternative-fuel vehicles.


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Industrial shipping services by industry

Whether you’re shipping bulky automotive parts or need to get your construction equipment across the border, we have freight and courier services that will take your industrial shipments anywhere they need to be.

  • Special Handling

    When you need help hauling heavy equipment, delicate or otherwise awkwardly shaped pieces, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Shipping across borders

    We’re ready to facilitate the import and export of your industrial goods with customs clearance support and guidance.

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Our quality is shown with our extensive network of over 175+ facilities, minimal hand-offs and flexible delivery options.1 We'll even handle your heaviest shipments with our 500 kg Exemption category.


We provide consistent, time-definite industrial shipping solutions that you can rely on. Keep your shipments moving with a courier who is #1 in Canada for reach, distribution centres and fleet size.2


Our closed-loop network reaches 100% of Canadian postal codes. Get traceable shipments with our trucks, which all have Level 1 Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certification. We’ll deliver your shipments safely.

Industrial delivery and logistics services

Purolator offers specialized industrial solutions to meet industry demands and solve freight and courier delivery challenges.

Remote/beyond and last-mile delivery

Moving equipment within our closed-loop network means full visibility and increased speed to market even in remote Canadian postal codes.

Customs forms and documentation

Prepare your Canada, U.S. and international industrial shipments with the proper customs forms. Use our Purolator Trade Assistant to simplify the documentation process, and leverage our Digital Commercial Invoice to transmit trade records electronically and save time.

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Chain of Signature

Enhance the delivery security of your industrial shipments with our Chain of Signature service. We’ll monitor the transportation of your package and require multiple signatures throughout the transportation route, ensuring optimal safety and handling measures are taken.

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Time-definite services

Whether it’s 9 AM or 9 PM, we provide a variety of time-definite delivery options within Canada. Get detailed tracking for your most critical and sensitive packages around the clock.

Mobile app tracking

Monitor pickups, shipments and receive mobile status updates from the palm of your hand.

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Multiple transportation options

Choose from a variety of transportation modes, including ground, air, sea and rail. Get your industrial shipment where it needs to be, transported with the method of your choice.

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Returns services

Get seamless returns wherever your customers are. By sorting, repackaging or refurbishing as needed, we help streamline your reverse logistics process, avoid waste and strengthen the customer experience.

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Learn how to properly package your industrial goods

See our packaging guidelines to safely package your shipment or learn how to securely package large, heavy or fragile items for a specialty shipment.

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Discover how TTI’s shipping times were reduced by 66%

Watch our video to learn how TTI, a global power tool and floor care manufacturer, cut down their shipping times by 66% with Purolator’s cross-border industrial shipping solutions.

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"I’ve always felt as though they truly have our best interests in mind, and strive to provide a cost-effective solution that very much helps us achieve what we are trying to achieve."

Craig Baxter, President, TTI

Why Choose Purolator?

Your clients count on you for quality shipping. These are the promises they’re relying on you to keep. We can help.

  • Materials will arrive on time so work can happen
  • Fragile items will arrive undamaged
  • Compliance with rigorous regulation

Services for Industrial Clients

Rural/Beyond Delivery

Keeping your products within our closed loop network means there will be no handoffs, no brokering, full visibility and increased speed to market.

Dangerous Goods

Our air and ground staff are HAZMAT certified. Whatever you send, know it will travel safely and be received responsibly.

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Retail Accessibility

You can send your materials to one of our retail locations for your customers to retrieve on their own time. With a best in class retail network and dangerous goods resolution teams, we can handle all dangerous goods shipments at 111 terminals and retail centres across Canada.


For visibility of your products through your supply chain.

Special Handling

When you’re sending delicate oversized or otherwise awkwardly shaped pieces.

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