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Not sure how to ship your package? Follow the steps below.
Or check out our courier and freight quick start guides for more detail.

2. Select your services & prepare your documentation

If your shipment requires special arrangements, you have the option to choose from a menu of services. For U.S. and International shipments you will need certain documents to ensure delivery.

Purolator label being printed
Applying Purolator label to box

3. Package your item

Purolator offers a variety of packaging supplies and solutions to meet your shipping needs. You're also welcome to use your own shipping supplies if you choose.

4. Ship online or go to a shipping centre

You can print a shipping label and create an online shipment in minutes. Or bring your package into a Purolator shipping centre or drop box, and we'll take it from there.

Scanning a barcode with a mobile device
Woman dropping her package in dropbox

5. Track your item

Once your package is on its way, you can follow it at every step through our handy tracking tool and mobile app.

Quick-Start Guides


Learn how to easily create freight shipments online, get estimates and delivery dates, create barcode labels and more.

See guide

Small Business

Learn how to perform important shipping functions for your small business – including creating and tracking a shipment, scheduling a pickup and ordering supplies all online.

See guide

Virtual Assistant

Purolator’s Virtual Assistant gives you real-time information regarding your shipments when you need it. Learn all the functions and information you’ll need to efficiently leverage our Virtual Assistant.

See guide


Get all the shipping information you need to start creating your courier shipments, including estimating and tracking a shipment, scheduling a pickup and more.

See guide

Guest Shipper

Perform important shipping functions easily as a guest shipper. Learn how to create outbound and return shipments, schedule pickups, estimate time and cost, order shipping supplies, and more.

See guide

Get a Purolator Business Account and Save

Save up to 50% with a Purolator Business Account. Get rewarded for shipping with us. Sign up for a Purolator Business Account.

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