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Getting Started

To start shipping with Purolator, visit to login, register for an account, or ship as a guest.

For detailed guides on how to ship a package, including selecting a service, to packaging and tracking your item, visit our How to Ship page.

Learn more about our suite of shipping services within Canada, to/from the U.S. and the rest of the world.

You can obtain estimated rates, as well as transit times by clicking on 'Estimate Time & Cost' or register online with your account to obtain account based estimates.

We have over 1,300 convenient shipping locations across Canada. Find a shipping location near you.

To register, simply go to Online Shipping and click on 'Register Now'.

Online: To open an account, click on 'Register Now' and choose 'Open a Purolator Business Account'.

By phone: Call us at 1 888 SHIP-123 and choose option 3. We can set up your account right on the phone.

There are a number of benefits associated with having a Purolator account. These include:

  • greater visibility on your shipments
  • the ability to consolidate and save on shipping
  • free shipping supplies
  • enhanced reporting and tracking of your shipping spend.

No, you do not need to open an account in order to ship with us. You can also create a shipment online using your credit card, by choosing 'Ship as a Guest'. You can also visit one of our shipping locations for more payment options.

Go to the Home page and select 'Ship as a Guest'

  • Create a single piece shipment to any Canadian destination

The application process normally takes a maximum of 24 business hours to open a Purolator business account.

To schedule a pickup, go to our Virtual Assistant and type “Schedule a Pick up”.

You can also schedule a pickup with your online account. First, register or login to your account and then select “Schedule a Pickup”.

Or, call 1 888 SHIP-123 (1 888 744-7123) to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives to schedule a pickup. Our Representatives are available from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time.

To schedule a pickup online without creating a shipment you can go to our Virtual Assistant and type “Schedule a Pick up”.

Or you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Go to ’Ship & Track’
  3. Select ’Schedule a Pickup’
  4. Confirm the Pickup Address, Location, Date and Times
  5. Fill in Pieces, Weight and Service
  6. Click on ’Show’ if supplies are required for the pickup
  7. Click on ’Submit pickup request’

  • You can schedule a pickup using our Virtual Assistant and typing in “Schedule a Pick up” when prompted. Select your preferred destination. If the address is not your original address, you can schedule a pickup online or by speaking with a live agent.
  • You can also call 1 888 SHIP-123 (1 888 744-7123) and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives to arrange a pickup
  • Or, drop off you package at a drop box, Staples location, at a Purolator Authorized Shipping Agent location, or at any one of our Purolator Shipping Centre locations near you.

To modify or cancel a pickup, login. Under ’My Account’, please select ’Pickups’ found under ’Recent Activity’. Enter the date of the pickup request you would like to cancel or modify. You can also access support on our Contact Us page.

You can drop it off at one of our shipping locations. If you already have an online account, login and choose ’Schedule a Pickup’.

If you have a prepaid label and need to schedule a pickup, go to our Virtual Assistant and type “Schedule a Pickup”. 

You can also access support on our Contact Us page.

To create a return shipment online, please login or register. Once logged in, from the Ship & Track menu, select 'Create a Return Shipment'. Creating a return shipment allows you to email the label directly to the shipping location. Simply enter the sender’s email address, in the field 'E-mail return shipping documents to'. The accepted methods of payment are 'Purolator Business Account' or '3rd Party'. Choosing the 'Purolator Business Account' option means billing prepaid to the receiver. Please note that creating a return label does not automatically result in a scheduled pickup.

See below for the list of departments, as well as the Live Chat hours of operation, available Monday to Friday:

Tracking Inquiries:
English agent: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Eastern)
French agent: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Eastern)

Billing & Invoice Inquiries:
English agent: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Eastern)
French agent: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Eastern)

Technical Support:
English agent: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Eastern)
French agent: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Eastern)

General Inquiries:
English agent: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Eastern)
French agent: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Eastern)

Purolator’s Virtual Assistant gives you real-time information regarding your shipments when you need it. Learn all the functions and information you’ll need to efficiently leverage our Virtual Assistant.

Packing and Labelling

Yes, the Purolator Express Envelope, Purolator Express Pack and Purolator Express Box* are available at no charge. We also have a variety of other packaging solutions available for purchase at our Shipping Centres across Canada.** From bubble mailers and wrap, to boxes of various sizes – we have many options available.


*Purolator Express® Box is only available when shipment is prepared using an automated shipping system. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for details.

**Acceptable payment options for packaging purchases are cash, debit or credit card. Full suite of packaging options may not be available at all Purolator Shipping Centres. Please contact your closest Purolator Shipping Centre for details.

Order online or by phone

Purolator-branded packaging and shipping supplies are free and available online using your Purolator Account Number. Simply login or register online and select 'Order Shipping Supplies'.

You can also connect with us via Live Chat or contact us at 1 888 SHIP-123 (1 888 744-7123) to order your supplies.

Pick up packaging and shipping supplies

Purolator Shipping Centres

Our Express Envelope, Express Pack and Express Box* are available at our Shipping Centres across Canada.** You will also find a variety of other packaging solutions available for purchase. Find a Purolator Shipping Centre near you.

Purolator Authorized Shipping Agents

You can pick up packaging and shipping supplies from one of over 550 Authorized Shipping Agents across the country. Find a convenient Purolator Authorized Shipping Agent near you.

Staples® Locations

Our services and packaging solutions are also available at more than 300 Staples locations across Canada. Look for the Purolator sign displayed in-store at the Staples Copy and Print Centre, and speak to a friendly, knowledgeable Staples associate for assistance. Find a Staples location near you.


*Purolator Express® Box is only available when shipment is prepared using an automated shipping system. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for details.
**Acceptable payment options for packaging purchases are cash, debit or credit card. Full suite of packaging options may not be available at all Purolator Shipping Centres. Please contact your closest Purolator Shipping Centre for details.

Learn more about Purolator’s guidelines for acceptable packaging.

Follow our Packaging Guidelines on how to package and properly label your courier shipment.

A bill of lading is a shipping document, label, waybill, manifest or similar instrument used by Purolator to accept Shipments for carriage, and includes a Purolator Bill of Lading.

Any printing issues should be directed to our Shipping Channel Service Desk by connecting with us via Chat or calling us at 1-800-459-5599.

You can order pre-printed waybills by following this link and logging in with your account information. Order pre-prints

If you have not already registered for pre-prints, please register and then login.

U.S. & International Shipping

Shipping to a U.S. or international destination may require more information than shipping domestically. When Shipping outside of Canada a number of forms must be completed and accompany your package. Visit our US & International Shipping to review a variety of topics related to importing and exporting your packages internationally, including customs documentation, duties and taxes, and general information and tips.

If you require further information about our U.S. and international services, please contact one of our Customer Service Professionals by calling 1 888 SHIP-123 (1-888-744-7123).

Determining which documents are required for your shipment will depend on the destination, the description and the value of the shipment. The following is a list of the most frequently used customs documents, websites and resources:

For additional forms, simply visit our US & International Shipping Page.

commercial invoice is the most commonly used customs document. The commercial invoice provides details of the transaction between the shipper and the receiver. The commercial invoice should contain all the required information about the shipment for the customs broker, and how to proceed with the clearance. A commercial invoice must be completed for:

  • All non-document shipments going to an international (non-U.S.) destination,
  • All U.S. destined shipments valued at over USD$800, and
  • Any non-document shipment destined for Canada.

Purolator requires one copy of the commercial invoice per shipment. The invoice should be placed on the outside of the first piece in a shipment and never inside the package.

The commercial invoice is not a controlled document, and can be presented in any format providing that the required elements are present. The following information is required to complete the commercial invoice. Mandatory items are denoted by an asterisk:

  • Name and address of the shipper*
  • Name and address of the receiver*
  • Detailed description of contents* (an itemized list is required for multiple contents)
  • Unit value of each item being shipped*
  • Quantity and unit of measure*
  • Currency of value*
  • Country of manufacture*
  • The Harmonized System Code (HS Code)
  • Total invoice value*
  • Indicate who will pay for clearance (Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) = Shipper pays; Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) = receiver or buyer pays). Note: Leaving the field blank defaults to the receiver.
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) number - Recommended for shipments addressed to a company in the U.S.
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Recommended for shipments going to individuals in the U.S.
  • Manufacturer’s name and address (*for textile shipments going to the U.S.)

All shipments destined outside Canada or imported into Canada are subject to duties and taxes. Duties and taxes and any other applicable customs clearance related fees may be levied against a shipment based on the value for customs, the description of the items, the country of origin and in some cases, the reason for export. The rate of duty or customs tariff is determined by the Harmonized System Code (HS Code) and any trade agreement that might be applicable to the shipment.

Purolator’s shipment rates do not include applicable duties or brokerage fees, or any other clearance related charges.

To determine your duties, please click here to assist you in calculating Export or Import duties.

Our Purolator Ground service is sometimes referred to as deferred service. It is an efficient and budget-friendly alternative to overnight service, for non-urgent shipments where overnight delivery isn’t a priority. Your shipment will be delivered in two or more business days, depending on the destination. Learn more about our U.S. Ground services.

If you’re importing individual shipments from the United States or international locations, please contact us at 1 888 SHIP-123 (1 888 744-7123) to speak with one our Representatives about our U.S. and international shipping options.

Purolator International delivers to, from and within Canada and offers express, freight and parcel solutions. Learn more at


For size and weight restrictions, please visit our Special Handling webpage.

Special handling for pieces that exceed the standard maximum weight (more than 50 lbs.) or size (equaling or exceeding 48 inches (4 feet) in length or overall piece size of 165 inches).

For speciality items shipping, learn how to package and ship these for a safe journey.

If you don't see your shipment type here, contact us for assistance.

You can ship dangerous goods provided that you have a certified Dangerous Goods Specialist within your company, and that you are shipping an accepted commodity. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for more information regarding dangerous goods.

Unpackaged articles (i.e., articles that are not protected by a rigid shipping container such as a corrugated box, plastic tote or wooden crate) are subject to Special Handling charges and are only accepted for carriage once Purolator is satisfied that such articles do not pose any hazard to Purolator staff, equipment and other shipments. Items that require Special Handling are not eligible for Purolator’s service guarantees.

To find out if your item is considered unpackaged or requires Special Handling, refer to the Special Handling section of our Service Guide, call Customer Service at 1 866 SHIP-123, or visit any Purolator Shipping Centre for additional assistance and advice.

To correctly package fragile goods, refer to our Packaging Guidelines.

We will not transport any article that is prohibited by law. To ship an item under Purolator’s list of prohibited goods requires prior written approval between the shipper and Purolator. Prohibited goods may include items such as animals, currency, firearms, drugs and more. See Purolator’s Terms and Conditions. for the full list of prohibited goods.

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