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Save time and money every time you ship.

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Get 50% off every shipment you send for 12 months*
  • Receive up to 40% off* after that
  • Charge shipments to your account
  • Order free packaging supplies
  • Manage and track shipments easily online
  • Ship faster with auto-populated forms


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*Offer not available to existing Purolator customers. You must be a new Purolator business account customer to receive this offer. You will be automatically enrolled in the Purolator Business Rewards™ program at the time your Purolator business account is created. Introductory discount of 50% for 12 months is calculated on Purolator's published list rates, available here. Once your introductory offer expires, your monthly discount will be based on the Purolator Business Rewards tiered shipping spend threshold structure and calculated on your average shipping spend over the last twelve (12) fiscal months as defined by Purolator. The discount offered through the Purolator Business Rewards program cannot be combined with any other Purolator discounts, promotions, savings plans or waivers. Certain additional terms and conditions apply.