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Automated Solutions

We offer both shipping systems and integration solutions for our customers. To learn more about online shipping and Purolator E-Ship® Solutions click on the links below:

1. Purolator Online Shipping (Purolator E-Ship® Online)

2. Purolator E-Ship® Server

3. Purolator E-Ship® Certified Provider

4. Purolator E-Ship® Web Services

5. Purolator E-Ship® Server API

6. Purolator E-Ship® EDI

If you are not able to correct the error, please contact our Technical Support department at 1 800 459-5599 or complete and submit our online form, which is located on our Contact Us page.

You can manage and select the type of notification you want your contacts to receive with our Delivery or Exception notification options. Delivery notification allows the user and contact to know when an item has been successfully delivered. Whereas the Exception notification will explain the reason for a delay in delivery and the action, if any is required to complete the delivery.

If you manage multiple shipments, our E-Ship software allows you set up proactive notifications for either individual or multiple shipments. For help with proactive notifications and other ESS features, contact the Shipping Channel Service Desk at 1 800 459-5599.

Follow these steps to reprint a shipping label for the current day:

• Go to 'Ship & Track'
• Choose 'Reprint Shipment Documents'
• Enter the Tracking Number/PIN you would like to reprint or choose ‘List All’ from ‘Documents’ tab and select the document type.
• Click on the printer icon on the left-hand side of the document type

Online shipping (ESO) labels can be cancelled within 48 hours of the shipping label date. To cancel a shipment follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Ship & Track'
  2. Choose 'Cancel a Shipment'
  3. Select the shipment that needs to be cancelled
  4. Click on 'Cancel'

When the shipment is cancelled you will see the cancellation details on your screen.

Please note that outbound returns and returns management shipments cannot be cancelled as they will only be billed once the shipment is scanned.

Tracking Solution (Vision)

Purolator Vision is an advanced tracking tool that provides Enterprise users with the digital self-serve tracking capabilities to manage their shipping lifecycle for multiple in-transit shipments in one dashboard.

Purolator Vision is available to all Canadian courier Enterprise business account holders only.

Purolator International customers can register for Purolator Vision to track their courier shipments when they are inducted into Canada. Shipments such as Less-Than-Truck Load (LTL), PuroPost, Ground Linehaul (GLH) can continue to be tracked through Purolator International Client Portal while in transit in the U.S.

Here are the steps to register:

  1. Create a MyPurolator online account. This account will serve as Purolator's central registration and login for all applications.
  2. Once registered, log into MyPurolator. From there, click on the “Vision” application tile to register for the Purolator Vision app.
  3. To verify their account details, enter their organization’s Billing Account Number and Postal Code.
  4. Should customers like to be designated as the Vision application account administrator for their organization (to provide and manage user access), they will be asked to specify the amount of their last invoice, for verification.

Please note: once Purolator's Customer Care team has verified customer information, users will gain administrator access to the Vision application.


The following browsers and settings are recommended for Purolator’s Online Shipping system:

• Internet Explorer 8 or higher
• Firefox 3.6 or higher
• Chrome
• Safari
• Javascript enabled


Take a look at the Menu bar of your Internet browser page. Click on ’Help’ to see what version of Internet Explorer you are running.

If is not added to compatibility the website will not preform properly.

  • Most issues can be resolved by logging off Purolator online shipping and deleting your temporary Internet files (known as ’cookies’). After deleting your cookies, log back in by going to, rather than using a link from your Favourites.

    • To delete your temporary files using Internet Explorer please go to ’Tools’, ’Internet Options’ then click on the ’Delete’ button under ’Browsing History’. Make sure that the only boxes selected are ’Temporary Internet Files’, ’Cookies’ and ’History’.

    • To delete your temporary files on Firefox, go to ’Tools’ at the top left of your window, click on ’Clear Recent History’, or press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

    • To delete your temporary files using Chrome please click on the menu icon on the top right of your window, click on ’Settings’ then ’Show Advanced Settings’. Click on the ’Clear Browsing Data’ button.

In the browser menu bar at the top left of the screen, click on ’Tools’, ’Tools’ again, ’Applications’, type in ’pdf’ and click ’search’. It should bring up a PDF result. On the right hand side under ’action’ select ’Use Adobe Acrobat in Firefox’ then click ’Ok’.

If you’re unable to view your bill of lading, try disabling the popup blocker in your browser. If using Chrome, try disabling the uBlock/adblock extension.

To generate the report on ESO, you can log in then, click on My Account, then Reports. On this screen, you can enter the date range; then, in the Report Version, you can select HTML Version to view it on screen or Download Version (CSV) to save the file in CSV format to view it in Excel. You can then click Generate Report to create the report.

For additional support using our Virtual Assistant, select the “Chat” button at the top, right side of the website or contact Customer Service at 1 888 SHIP-123.