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What can ESS do for you?

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Save Time

Auto-populate address fields and prepare customs documentation to eliminate steps and increase productivity. Quickly and easily prepare shipments including printing and scanning labels all in one place.

Online shipping

Make Shipping Easier

Verify your shipments with address, product and service validation; generate an estimate with account-based shipping rates in seconds; select packaging; and more.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Get customized reports to assist you with cost analysis, shipment tracking and returns reporting. Ship securely with password-protected user accounts for multiple users, each with their own shipping profile and preferences.

Manage your shipping activities

  • Create and manage your Purolator Courier® and Purolator Freight® shipments using one streamlined shipping system.
  • Easily set up secure third-party shipping with email notification whenever a third party ships on your account.
  • With downloadable reports, get complete transparency on shipping activity on any of the accounts you use.
  • Create return labels to include with your shipment, to email to your customer or to print and mail at no extra charge, plus get other advanced returns management capabilities.
  • Benefit from alerts and email notifications regarding delivery times and potential delays.
  • Establish shipping batches and groups to help setup and manage recurring shipments to multiple recipients.

Purolator E-Ship® Server Integration

Purolator E-Ship® Server Connect

Easily integrate ESS with your host system and/or applications using plain-text files. Files are uploaded to a shared folder and are scanned and read by ESS Connect to process the shipment.

Purolator E-Ship® Server API

Integrate ESS shipping functionality into your core business systems with our API shipping connector. You can save time and costs by eliminating the need to design, build and support custom applications that enable shipping on your current platform.

Ready to get started?

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