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Application of the PPPP Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“PPPP Terms and Conditions”) govern the participation of Purolator small-medium business (“SMB”) account customers and other account customers (not including Purolator national account customers) (“Other”), who are participating in the Purolator Promotional Pricing Plans (“PPPP”).  Tendering Shipments to Purolator at a Fixed Discount (as defined below) constitutes your acceptance of these PPPP Terms and Conditions.  If you do not agree to these PPPP Terms and Conditions, it is your responsibility to advise Purolator that you no longer wish to participate in the PPPP.  Purolator reserves the right to make any additions, deletions or modifications to these PPPP Terms and Conditions at any time.

The Purolator Terms and Conditions of Services in effect at the time a Shipment is tendered to Purolator (including payment terms and limitations on our liability described in the Purolator Terms and Conditions) apply to such Shipments.

Enrolment and Participation

Purolator, at its sole discretion, may choose an SMB or Other account customer to receive a special fixed discount promotion to encourage them to open an account with Purolator;

Alternatively, if an SMB or Other account customer’s account was not opened on a special promotion or was opened on a different promotion, including a different fixed discount pricing plan, Purolator does have the option, again at its discretion, to target a current SMB and Other account customer for participation in a fixed discount pricing plan under the PPPP, with the consent of these SMB and Other account customers.  However, any Approved Account Number must remain in good standing in order to continue to participate in the PPPP.

If you have not yet opened a Purolator small-medium business or other account, you can sign up through our website at or by calling 1-888-529-9777.  When you register online, you will also be asked to register for Purolator E-Ship®Online (ESO) - our online shipping portal.

If you have already signed up for a Purolator small-medium business or other account but have not yet received your account number, you can check the status of your application by calling our Business Support Team at 1-888-529-9777.

Purolator is not responsible for registration forms that are lost, misdirected or completed incorrectly.  Your participation in the PPPP may take up to the end of the third (3rd) Business Day after your registration form is received by Purolator to be activated (the “Actual Date of Registration” and, together with the Automatic Date of Registration, the “Date of Registration”).  If there is any dispute as to your Date of Registration, Purolator’s records will govern.

You may leave the PPPP at any time. To unregister, please contact our Business Sales Professionals at 1-888-529-9777.

Fixed Discount

You shall receive a discount off of the List Rates (the “Fixed Discount”), in accordance with these PPPP Terms and Conditions. It will be Purolator’s sole discretion to choose the fixed discount rate, and time period during which the discount shall apply, for each eligible SMB or Other account customer. 

The discounted amount will be reflected on your invoice.  No PPPP discounts will be applied to any shipping charges incurred prior to your Date of Registration.

Surcharge Discounts

Your Fixed Discount will also be applied to the following Purolator Specialized Service charges, administrative charges and shipping charges (as such terms are defined in the Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service) that may be applied to a Shipment (“Approved Additional Charges”):

Chain of Signature
Dangerous Goods
Saturday Service (Pick-up/Delivery)
Signature Required (Residential)
Special Handling

Manual Shipping

Beyond Point
Declared Value Surcharge
Residential Delivery

Discretionary Discounts

You may, from time to time while you are registered in this PPPP, receive additional discounts or promotions as determined by Purolator in its sole discretion on Eligible Shipments (“Discretionary Discounts”).  Any Discretionary Discounts will either be applied in lieu of your Fixed Discount or in addition to your Fixed Discount.  Where such Discretionary Discount is applied at the Date of Registration or at any other time while you are registered for the pricing plan, such Discretionary Discount will be applied in lieu of the Fixed Discount that you would have been entitled to receive under the PPPP for the period over which the Discretionary Discount applies.  Upon the expiry of such Discretionary Discount, your Fixed Discount will be calculated in the same matter as described above.  Where such Discretionary Discount is applied in addition to your Fixed Discount, Purolator will fix your Fixed Discount for the entire period over which the Discretionary Discount is offered to the Fixed Discount you were entitled to at the date the Discretionary Discount offer begins.  Please note that the terms of each Discretionary Discount for which you are eligible will be communicated to you at the time such Discretionary Discount is offered to you.

Invoice Errors or Discrepancies

You should call Business Support Team at 1-888-529-9777 to report any PPPP-related errors or discrepancies on your invoice within 90 days of the date of the invoice, after which time you will be deemed to have accepted such invoice.  Purolator will investigate such reported PPPP-related errors and discrepancies and make any corrections, adjustments or modifications deemed necessary using the Fixed Discount that applied in the month in which the Shipment(s) to which the error or discrepancy occurred.

To report non-PPPP related errors or discrepancies on your invoice, please call the number on your invoice.


Unless you are eligible to receive Discretionary Discounts, the Fixed Discounts offered through this PPPP cannot be combined with any other Purolator discounts, promotions, rebate or reward programs, savings plans or waivers that may be available to you from Purolator or through any authorized Purolator representative, unless Purolator provides otherwise in the rules for these other promotions. By participating in this PPPP you hereby: (i) agree to waive any non-PPPP discounts that you may have been entitled to receive from the Date of enrolment, and (ii) acknowledge and agree that your enrolment in any other Purolator savings, reward, rebate or other similar type of program in which you may have previously been enrolled will cease to be effective at the Date of Enrolment.

Purolator reserves the right to remove you from the PPPP if you are authorizing others to ship Eligible Shipments under your Approved Account Number for the purpose of benefiting from the consolidation of such other Shipments that are tendered to us, or you are otherwise acting as an express delivery consolidator.

Associations and buying groups are also not eligible to participate in the PPPP.

Term of PPPP

The PPPP may be suspended, modified or terminated at any time.  Should the PPPP be suspended, modified or terminated, Purolator will advise you by posting a message at and by sending you an email.  Tendering Shipments to Purolator on or after the effective date of any suspension, modification or termination of the PPPP constitutes your acceptance of such suspension, modification or termination.

Purolator reserves the right to suspend, modify or terminate your participation in this PPPP, at any time and for any reason.  Purolator in its sole discretion will make all decisions regarding eligibility to participate in the PPPP.

Use of Personal Information

As a member of the PPPP, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by Purolator for the purposes of administering the PPPP.  Your personal information will not be sold or used for any purpose other than in connection with the PPPP without consent. Purolator’s Privacy Statement is available at or by calling 1 888 SHIP-123.

Applicable Law

The PPPP is governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein.  Any cause of action arising under the PPPP must be instituted no later than two (2) years after the claim or cause of action arose in a court of competent jurisdiction in the City of Toronto. Void where prohibited by law.


Unless otherwise defined in these PPPP Terms and Conditions, capitalized terms have the following meanings:

Approved Account Number” means an active Purolator small-medium business or Other account in good standing, as determined by Purolator in its sole discretion.

Business Day” means Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and excludes all statutory holidays in the Province of Ontario.

Eligible Shipments” means Shipments tendered to Purolator under an Approved Account Number using any Purolator Express®or Purolator Ground® services set out in the Purolator Terms and Conditions.

Eligible Shipping Charges” means the List Rates in respect of Eligible Shipments and any Approved Additional Charges. For greater certainty, Eligible Shipping Charges do not include any service charges, administrative charges, shipping charges, surcharges, taxes, rebates, duties, or other additional charges (including fuel), other than the Approved Additional Charges, that may be associated with an Eligible Shipment and which may be described in the Purolator Terms and Conditions or Purolator Rate Guide.

Fixed Discount” means discount percentages as chosen by Purolator in its sole discretion under this PPPP.

Fixed Term” means the period for which an SMB or Other account holder shall receive a Fixed Discount; as determined by Purolator in its sole discretion under this PPPP.

List Rates” means Purolator’s published list rates in effect as at the date of each Eligible Shipment, as may be amended by Purolator, available at

Purolator” means, unless otherwise specified, Purolator Inc. and its respective agents and subcontractors.

Purolator Terms and Conditions and Services” means Purolator’s published Terms and Conditions of Service in effect at the time each Shipment is tendered to Purolator, as may be amended by Purolator, available at

Shipment” has the same meaning attributed to such term in the Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service.