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Our Executive Team

Our leadership team brings an extensive and diverse background together to drive forward our collective vision and mission.

John Ferguson
President and CEO

Chris Spanjaard
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Paul Tessy
Senior Vice President, International

Jeff Green
Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Experience

Roslyn Samtleben
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Ken Johnston
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Board of Directors

Meet our Board members, each bringing a diverse skill set to the boardroom table, along with dedication to the continued success and accountability of our business.

Stewart Bacon
Chair of the Board, Purolator Holdings Ltd.
Acting Chair of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee, Purolator Holdings Ltd.

Tom Cryer
Chair of the Audit Committee, Purolator Holdings Ltd.

Barry Lapointe
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, KF Aerospace, formerly Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd.

Doug Ettinger
President and CEO, Canada Post Corporation

John West
Chair of the Governance Committee, Purolator Holdings Ltd.