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Select the right shipping tools, software and integration solutions you need to get started.

Shipping Platforms

Whether you ship a little or a lot, you can choose from our online, offline and automated systems – whichever best meets your needs.

Online Shipping

Conveniently ship online with our full-featured, web-based shipping platform, which automates many of the steps required to create, send and manage multiple shipments.

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Purolator Certified Partners

Select from our list of certified commercial providers to help you integrate an automated shipping system that gives you access to the transportation and delivery services you need.

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Purolator E-Ship® Server (ESS)

This stand-alone shipping system is suitable for your warehouse-shipping environment where fast transaction speed is crucial. Customers who qualify for ESS receive complimentary software and hardware to get started.

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E-Commerce Integration Partners

Add Purolator shipping to your business with web-based shipping solutions.

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E-commerce Shipping Solutions

No matter your business type or size, Purolator e-commerce has a shipping solution that will work for you. 

Select from various shipping software, providers and shipping solutions to enable e-commerce and help you reach more customers and grow your business faster.

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Integrated Solutions

Gain more control of your shipping process with our full range of integrated services.

Purolator E-Ship® Web Services (EWS)

Integrate shipping, tracking, estimates, pickups and return capabilities directly into your website, online store, order management system or custom software application.

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Purolator E-Ship® EDI

With Electronic Data Interchange, you can access data-rich business intelligence – from invoices to shipment status – in various formats.

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Purolator Mobile® App

Get estimates, schedule pickups, and track shipments from your mobile device anywhere, and any time.

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