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Recapture value from returned goods.

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On your behalf, we can:

  • Refurbish, repair or restock resaleable items
  • Test and upgrade items
  • Handle RMA management including returning items to supplier
  • Manage warranties
  • Provide safe disposal, recycle responsibly or salvage components

Triage, Refurbish, Asset/Component Salvage

We can help you tap into new revenue streams by refurbishing items for resale or returning them to the supplier for a refund. We can also recycle or dispose of unsalvageable returned goods.

Environmental Disposal, Secure Distribution

If your packaging or products are hazardous to the environment, trust Purolator to recycle or dispose of them safely and in compliance with current regulations.

Rethink Returns

Talk to us today about your returns and reverse logistics needs.

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