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Convenience is around the corner with various retail shipping
locations and access points for your shipping needs.

Convenience is around the corner

With a variety of retail shipping locations and access points across Canada, Purolator offers you accessibility, safety and ease when picking up or delivering parcels. Explore our Mobile Quick Stop vehicles in metropolitan centres, our self-serve kiosks and drop boxes when you need to send a package quickly or our parcel lockers when you can’t be home to receive your package.

Find a location near you

Find the nearest access point to you so you can safely and securely pick up or drop off
packages at a time that suits your schedule.

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Mobile Quick Stop

During peak times, in populated areas, our Mobile Quick Stop vehicles allow you to pick up your packages safely and quickly.**

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Quick Stop Kiosks

Our self-serve kiosks let you measure and weigh packages, create waybills and send shipments easily and safely.

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Parcel Lockers

Our Quick Stop Pick-Up parcel lockers offer you another way to pick up your packages safely and securely, any time of day or night.

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Drop Boxes

Our drop boxes are located in buildings, lobbies or outdoors in commercial areas throughout Canada, allowing you to safely and efficiently ship your pre-paid and labelled packages.

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Mobile Quick Stop
Mobile Quick Stop Image

Mobile Quick Stop is an award-winning service that streamlines the last mile, offering you a safe and accessible delivery location

With our Mobile Quick Stop trucks, you have the ability to pick up your package in your neighbourhood, quickly and effortlessly.

Mobile Quick Stop Features



Multiple convenient


Safe alternative
to home delivery


Flexible pick-up hours

See the Quick Stop Kiosks and Parcel Lockers in Action


Each one of our kiosks and parcel lockers is designed to suit your unique needs, allowing
you to easily return, pick up or send packages from any one of our convenient locations.

Induction Unit (Quick Drop)

The Induction unit is available for your prepaid shipment drop offs. The contactless kiosk allows you to scan your label, place the package in the unit for shipping and take your receipt for your records. The Induction unit has the ability to print labels from QR codes – which means you can easily scan receipts to return e-commerce purchases.

Rating Unit (Quick Set-Up)

This kiosk is a quick solution for sending parcels. The unit allows you to create labels for domestic shipments, pay by card, print your shipping label and get your receipt. Then, hand the shipment to the store employee for courier pick ups. This kiosk also has the ability to print labels from QR codes – supporting your e-commerce returns.

Our Partnerships

We are expanding new partnerships to help you
deliver and receive packages faster and with more ease.


Metrolinx offers Mobile
Quick Stop Trucks or
Quick Stop Kiosks at
select GO Stations.


Michael’s offers pick-up and
drop-off points should you
miss a delivery or need to
ship a prepaid parcel.


PUDO offers convenient
pick-up and prepaid
drop-off counters
throughout North America.


Staples offers prepaid
drop-off and pay in-store
shipping services.

Over 2,200 Access Points

Retailer Locations


Authorized Shipping


Drop Boxes


Mobile Quick Stops


Quick Stop Kiosks


Parcel Locker


PUDO Locations


Staples Locations


Go Transit Locations


Michael’s Locations

Authorized Shipping Agents and Quick Stop Agents

Becoming an Authorized Shipping Agent or Quick Stop Agent is an excellent way
to increase store traffic, revenue and value for your customers. As an Authorized Shipping
Agent, you’ll provide a convenient point for customers and other businesses to pick up
or drop off shipments, getting you more visibility and in-store traffic.

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Retail businesses are expanding their reach

See how Purolator helps retail businesses succeed.

Delivery Solutions for the Retail Industry
Delivery Solutions for the Retail Industry Image

If you’re looking to streamline the delivery process for your retail business, contact us about our delivery solutions. We offer seamless and reliable experiences, early morning delivery guarantees and enhance e-commerce solutions.

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Become an Authorized Shipping Agent

Increase revenue, store traffic and value to your customers by becoming a Purolator Shipping Agent.
If you operate a business that’s complementary to ours, such as a copy shop, stationery store or retail
outlet, you may be a good fit to become an Authorized Shipping Agent.

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*Shipping sent via the Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk is domestic within Canada Only.

**Mobile Quick Stop is currently only available within Canada. Certain terms, conditions and geographic restrictions apply (including point of origin and destination guarantee restrictions and money-back guarantee restrictions). To select points in Canada, delivery will be on the day specified by Purolator. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service at for details.