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Car batteries - UN2794, UN2795, UN2800

Car batteries, also known as lead-acid batteries, are used in almost all vehicles including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, construction equipment and many others. These car batteries typically consist of lead plates suspended in sulphuric acid contained in a hard plastic case. The liquid acid, or sometimes alkali, is what makes these dangerous goods as this liquid is very corrosive and can cause serious injury. Most car batteries will be one of the three following types but check your products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to determine which one applies:

              UN2794 Batteries, Wet, Filled with acid, electric storage
              UN2795 Batteries, Wet, Filled with alkali, electric storage
              UN2800 Batteries, Wet, Non-spillable, electric storage

A key issue related to car batteries is the potential for spillage of the liquid acid or akali. To minimize the potential for damage to the battery case, which can result in the release of the liquid, Purolator requires that each battery be contained in its own individual, fully enclosed box or similar protective package.

Note that many UN2800 batteries are not subject to the TDG regulations as the liquid electrolyte in the battery is in a form, typically a gel, that is non-spillable. This means these batteries do not require the UN number, hazard labels or any other requirements. Please refer to TDGR Special Provision 39 to verify compliance.

The following table provides a summary of the requirements for shipping car batteries with Purolator for both air and ground transport.

Car batteries - UN2794, UN2795

   Fully Regulated 500 kg Exemption Limited Quantity
Safety marks on package UN number/ Proper Shipping Name/ Orientation arrows  UN number/ Proper Shipping Name/ Orientation arrows  Limited Quantity mark
UN specification package Yes No No
Hazard label

Yes (Class 8)

class 8 hazard label

Yes (Class 8)

class 8 hazard label


no hazard label
Shipper's declaration Yes No No
Allowable for air transport Yes No No
Other requirements
  • Battery must be fully enclosed in a box or package 1
  • Air shipments must use air declaration
  • Battery must be fully enclosed in a box or package 1
  • Max 30 kg per package
  • Battery must be fully enclosed in a box or package 1
  • Inner container volume within TDG Schedule 1 limits
  • Max 30 kg per package
DG surcharge Yes Yes Yes

Ground: TDGR

Section 1.16

Section 1.17

                                                        1 Purolator requirement/limitation

Information is provided for guidance purposes only. Please refer to applicable dangerous goods laws and regulations to ensure compliance prior to shipping.