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Dry ice is a great choice for keeping small shipments cold or frozen. However, dry ice falls under dangerous goods regulations, so it is critical to package these shipments correctly.

Ground shipments containing dry ice are exempt from the regulations and are not required to be marked, labelled or documented when there are no other dangerous goods in the package.

Air shipments containing dry ice can be declared online or by using the Purolator E-Ship®Server by choosing Dry Ice UN1845 from the menu.

Shipping requirements:

  Air Shipments
  • Package must be vented to allow for the release of carbon dioxide gas.
  • If a corrugated box is used as a shipping container, it should be of heavy gauge.
  • Void spaces in container should be filled with inert fill material.
Information on bill of lading UN1845, Dry ice (or carbon dioxide, solid), Number of packages in shipment, Net quantity of dry ice in each package (kg)
Safety marks Proper Shipping Name, UN number, net quantity of dry ice
Hazard label
Check Icon
Shipper's declaration
Cross Icon

(if dangerous goods information is displayed on bill of lading)


Dangerous Goods surcharge
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Reference ICAO TI Packing Instructions 954

Information is provided for guidance purposes only. Please refer to applicable dangerous goods laws and regulations to ensure compliance prior to shipping.