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Ammunition, such as that used in rifles and shotguns, are explosives under dangerous goods regulations. Explosives cannot be shipped under the provisions of the Limited Quantity exemption with the exception of:

UN0012 – Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile or cartridges, small arms

UN0014 – Cartridges for weapons, blank or cartridges, small arms, blank

UN0055 – Cases, cartridges, empty, with primer

These three UN numbers may be shipped by ground under the provisions of Special Provision 125 and be prepared as Limited Quantity shipments, but must bear the diamond shaped Limited Quantity mark.

Ammunition Marking Symbol

Other limited quantity markings are not acceptable.

Shipments can be declared online or using the Purolator E-Ship® Server.


Information is provided for guidance purposes only. Please refer to applicable dangerous goods laws and regulations to ensure compliance prior to shipping.