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We continue to make many great strides to completing our digital transformation and the modernization of our digital enterprise system enhancements. This evolution will streamline our processes, consolidate steps, and automate manual tasks enabling us to better serve you.

With the April 1, 2024 launch quickly approaching, below is a list of what we have completed and what we're working on next. To date, we have completed:

  • Migration of our EDI customers receiving enhanced Shipment Status. 
  • Ongoing communications to our EDI customers regarding the readiness to receive enhanced invoices when we go live next April. 
  • And more!

What's to come:

  • Enhanced invoices to make sure you understand your documentation and that it is consistent across all lines of business.
  • Engaging with stakeholders to provide education, training, and communications regarding the enhancements to our billing, invoicing and shipment systems information and how they will be delivered to you.
  • Employee readiness training so we can better serve you.
  • NEW! Purolator Vision – An enhanced single-sign on app to manage end-to-end tracking of courier items shipped in intra-Canada with the ability to export data, receive shipment notifications and track bulk shipments and more.
  • Plus, Billing Centre upgrades to help streamline your billing account, payments and invoices.

Billing Centre – upgrades and what to expect
We’re re-launching our Billing Centre April 1, 2024 to make way for many great enhancements to how you manage and access your digital invoices and billing documents. Some of the upgrades are:

  • Ability to access all Purolator invoices, maintain records keeping and manage payment options in a single portal.
  • Updates to our secure platform to include real-time payment clearing, autopay and a pay by PIN option.
  • Ability to support an unlimited number of business accounts under one profile.
  • Plus, many more enhancements.

If you have any questions or need any information regarding the transition, please reach out to your Account Executive or our Customer Service team.
Ramsey Mansour – SVP Corporate Development, Strategy & Marketing
Jeff Green – SVP Sales & Customer Experience
Paul Tessy – SVP Purolator International