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FAQs: Billing Centre

What are the benefits of using Purolator’s online Billing Centre?

How do I register for online billing?

Will I be able to view all of my Purolator accounts in the Billing Centre?

Can I view all invoices for multiple accounts at the same time?

Can I sign up for automatic payments?

Can I update my credit card details?


How do I view all of my outstanding invoices?

How do I access invoice and shipment details?

How do I know which invoices are past due?

Where can I find my closed invoices?

Can I print or save a copy of my invoice?


Can I pay invoices in the Purolator Billing Centre?

Which payment methods are accepted for online payment?

How do I know if Purolator has applied my payment?

Can I pay multiple invoices in one transaction?

Can I pay an invoice online without registering for the Purolator Billing Centre?

Can I pay my Purolator Freight and Purolator International invoices online?

Will I receive payment confirmation after I process my payment?

Can I use multiple credit cards to pay my invoice?

How long will it take for my account to be updated following invoice payment?

How do I get Purolator’s banking information for EFT (electronic funds transfer)?

How do I search for specific invoices and shipments?


How do I change my user and/or account information?

How do I change my login password?

How can I change my preference to also receive paper invoices?

Who can view and pay my invoices?

Is registration immediate?