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What members are saying

  • Purolator ranks highest among couriers used most frequently by the member base for ground and freight services.*

  • The choice of courier company influences members’ ability to save time and money, to improve reputation and to create a better customer experience.*

  • Receiving exclusive offers from partners is important to them.*

  • 85% of members are willing to recommend Purolator to other members.*

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Volume pricing discounts

For your smaller businesses, get volume pricing that is typically available only to the largest tier of companies.

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A partnership made in Canada

Partnering with Purolator links your members with Canada’s leading courier provider. Like your members, we serve, support and connect Canadians.

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Beyond shipping service

Your members can benefit from our full suite of services, including logistics, freight, Canada-wide and international delivery, special handling and integration solutions.

Exclusive Purolator Savings for Your Members

Get details on how Purolator can help your members save while strengthening your retention.

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Professionals at Work

“ Members constantly comment on the added value of special Purolator rates. In fact, many tell us it was a major factor in their decision to join. ”

Sam Moncada, President, COPA

*COPA/Purolator survey, 2014