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Purolator E-Ship® Online

E-Ship Online

Purolator E-Ship Online (ESO) is a fully-featured, online shipping system designed to provide the most common elements needed in the most demanding shipping environments.

  • Available online anytime, anywhere with Internet access
  • Ideal for low to medium volume shippers sending under 15 shipments per day per user
  • Ideal for shippers with multiple users or shipping from multiple locations
  • Easy to use

Online Shipping Features and Functionality

Basic Features

  • Create courier and freight shipping labels and customs documentation
  • Built-in online pickup scheduling, estimates and tracking
  • Choose from all of Purolator’s shipping and specialized services
  • Choose from pre-paid, collect or third-party billing
  • Bill your shipments to multiple Purolator Business Accounts
  • Allow ESO users to ship on your Purolator Business Account
  • Include up to five tracking references with each shipment

Advanced Features

  • Establish shipping batches and groups to help setup and manage recurring shipments to multiple recipients.
  • Create future-dated shipments
  • Create return labels to include with your shipment or without an associated outbound shipment that can be either printed and sent to your customer, or e-mailed as an attachment at no additional charge.
  • Easily set up secure third-party shipping that lets you control who is allowed to ship on your account and informs you by e-mail whenever a third party ships on your account online.
  • Use ESO’s fully featured address book to create Group Shipments when you need to send the same shipment to many recipients at the same time.
  • Set up shipping templates with our Batch Shipping feature to assist when you send the same information to various recipients again and again.
  • Get complete transparency on the shipping activity on any of the accounts you use within ESO with downloadable reports.
  • Benefit from alerts and e-mail notifications regarding delivery times and potential delays, sent to you and your identified contacts with our Proactive Notification feature.

Technical Specifications

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Recommended browsers and settings:
    • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
    • Firefox 3.6 or higher
    • Javascript enabled

Ready to get started?

To access Purolator E-Ship Online, register today for online shipping. You can also open a Purolator Business Account at the same time.  Register and start shipping.

You can also view our how-to videos that will walk you through some of our online tools:

If you require assistance, call our Technical Support Service Desk at 1 800 459-5599 and one of our technical support representatives will be happy to assist you.