Purolator Inc.

Purolator E-Ship® Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Purolator E-Ship® EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides access to data-rich business intelligence from invoices to shipment status in various formats. Data is shared for the purpose of integrating shipment information into core business systems. Regularly scheduled, data exchange enables you to store and manage the information independently of Purolator. We also offer several communication options, which can make the exchange of electronic data viable for all customers.

The benefits of Electronic Data Interchange include optimal cost efficiency, more accurate data, faster turnover times, and improved customer service.

Features and Functionality

We offer complete EDI capabilities to trading partners in accordance with ANSI ASC-X12, Proprietary and custom specifications. Upon request, we can quickly implement any or all of the following transactions:

  1. Version 4010
    X12 215 - Motor Carrier Pickup Manifest
    X12 210 - Motor Carrier Details and Invoice
    X12 214 - Motor Carrier Shipment Status
    X12 820 - Remittance Advice
    X12 997 - Functional Acknowledgement
  2. Proprietary Flat Files
    Variable Length Flat File Manifest
    Fixed Length Flat File Manifest
    Fixed Length Flat File Invoice
    Comma Separated Values (CSV) Invoice
    Fixed Length Flat File Shipment Status
    Comma Separated Values (CSV) Shipment Status
    Comma Separated Values (CSV) Remittance Advice
  3. Communication Method
    VAN - 100% Van Costs to Trading Partner

To facilitate the viewing of Purolator’s electronic invoice, we have created the Purolator E-Ship® EDI Invoice Viewer Tool. This Tool enables you to custom select and reorder the number of columns from the larger data set that you wish to use based on your needs. The configuration can then be saved to use with future electronic invoices.

View the Purolator E-Ship EDI Invoice Viewer Tool demo

Technical Specifications

EDI capabilities are offered in accordance with ANSI ASC-X12.

For further information, please forward your inquiries to clientservices@purolator.com or call our Technical Support Service Desk at 1 800 459-5599 and one of our technical support representatives will be happy to assist you.