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Track packages and personalize your ecommerce delivery

Introducing our easy ecommerce delivery solution

The easy way to track packages and control your deliveries

Introducing Purolator Your Way  a new level of convenience and visibility for home, launching in 2021 for home deliveries. Make missed deliveries a thing of the past. Track packages with our digital delivery solution - keeping you informed at every step of the delivery journey via SMS notifications.

Enjoy the convenience of customizable delivery preferences. Not going to be home for your delivery? No problem! You can even let us know where you'd like us to safely leave your package while it's on-route.

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Key features of Purolator Your Way for home deliveries and businesses

Total visibility
Total visibility of shipment journey
Clear next steps
Clear next steps for missed delivery
Customizable delivery preferences
Remote signature
Remote signature release*
No app download
No app download required
Enhancing ecommerce shipping for a greater customer experience

Greater flexibility with remote signature release*

Recipients no longer have to physically sign for a package, meaning they don t even need to be home for the delivery!

Our digital delivery solution reduces missed deliveries by allowing recipients to waive the signature requirement for their package, in turn, providing a convenient alternative to waiting for a delivery.

Track packages with full visibility

There's no need to guess when a package will arrive. Our detailed SMS notifications will update recipients when the package has been picked up, while it's on-route and once it's been safely delivered.

More than one package in a delivery? No problem, recipients will have total visibility of each piece individually.

Personalized customer experience, even on route.

Recipients now have the option to customize delivery preferences, even while their delivery is on its way. They can choose their preferred delivery drop off location (e.g. front door, garage), add a buzzer code and even supply more specific instructions.


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Purolator Your Way for home deliveries

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Purolator Your Way for businesses

Provide your customers with the freedom and flexibility of Purolator Your Way. For more information, and to get set up with Purolator Your Way, please contact your Account Executive.

Not a Purolator customer? Contact us to learn more, and get started with Purolator Your Way today!

Not a Purolator customer? Contact us to learn more, and get started with Purolator Your Way today!

Looking to track a shipment now? You can use our online package tracker.


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*Remote Signature Release is not available for shipments requiring signature by an adult or the intended recipient (such as alcohol, cannabis, certain types of pharmaceuticals/narcotics, etc. or other DG regulated items).