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Urban delivery coalition wins award for efforts to reduce emissions in door-to-door deliveries

One-of-a-kind partnership aims to speed the transition to zero emissions in a growing industry

October 5, 2021

TORONTO, Oct. 5, 2021 — The Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative (UDSI), a first-of-its-kind coalition of businesses, clean-energy providers, fleet operators, and policy experts that is tackling the growing problem of urban-freight emissions, is a 2022 recipient of a Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Award.

Clean50 annually recognizes Canadian leaders in environmental sustainability for their work over the two preceding years. Recipients of Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards are recognized for their achievements in demonstrating a superior ability to inform and inspire other Canadians to take active roles in expanding clean technology and renewable energy.

The UDSI was launched by the Pembina Institute in 2020 to combat the increasing threat posed by greenhouse-gas emissions from urban freight. It is the only coalition of its kind in this industry in Canada. Today, there are 12 partners in UDSI, including founding members Purolator, Canada Post, and UPS Canada. The UDSI promotes the switch from combustion-engine delivery trucks to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), including electric vans and cargo electric bikes. The coalition also helps create the infrastructure required for that transition and fosters better practices in curbside management.

Fleet operators are provided with effective tools and resources for reducing their emissions. Governments at all levels are kept informed about policies and practices that will achieve results. A strong low-carbon freight community is being created. Public awareness of the problem and its solutions is growing.


“Delta’s criteria in determining Project awards is to carefully consider a combination of actual measurable impact, demonstrated innovation, and the project’s ability to inspire others to imitate it – and Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative completed by Pembina Institute is a terrific example.” — Gavin Pitchford, CEO, Delta Management Group

“Sustainable urban freight is a key component to creating healthy and vibrant cities. How well we work together to scale up low-carbon solutions to deliver a safe climate – whether technology, policy, or business practices – will be a true indicator of future success.” — Carolyn Kim, Pembina’s Regional Director for Ontario and the Founder of the UDSI

“Canada Post is committed to reducing the impact of urban delivery and recognizes that industry collaboration is the only way to solve this issue. We would like to congratulate the Pembina Institute on the Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Award and for promoting industry collaboration on sustainability.” — Kim Rapagna, director of Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Policy, Canada Post

“Purolator is dedicated to growing our fleet of zero-emission vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help Canada achieve a net-zero economy by 2050. Positive changes take collaboration and we’re proud to work with organizations that have the shared vision of expanding low-carbon package delivery throughout Canada. We’re thrilled the Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative has received this award, recognizing the achievements of the initiative in sharing knowledge and driving opportunities to build greener cities.” — Cindy Bailey, director and head of Corporate Sustainability, Purolator

Quick facts

  • The Clean50 awards have been symbols of environmental leadership since they were first handed out in 2011; the Pembina Institute has been a recipient on two previous occasions.
  • The transportation sector is second only to oil and gas in terms of emissions generated and, in Canada, freight accounts for almost half of all transportation-related GHGs.
  • Tailpipe emissions from urban delivery vehicles are significant contributors to climate change and to the pollutants that create smog in Canadian cities.
  • The businesses and organizations that make up the coalition include local small businesses, national fleet operators, the largest clean energy producers, international policy experts and researchers, and academia.
  • UDSI partners employ more than 100,000 Canadians, operate more than 24,000 vehicles from coast-to-coast, and delivered billions of packages and goods globally in 2019. The number of doorstep deliveries is increasing dramatically in every city across Canada.


Courtney Reistetter
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Purolator
416 407-5424
[email protected]

Victoria Foote
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications, Pembina Institute
647 290-9384


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