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Some of our customers may receive emails and text messages that appear to be from a Purolator account or phone number, asking for personal or financial information. These messages are not from Purolator.

We are investigating to determine the origin of these messages – which are likely part of fraudulent phishing (false emails) or smishing (false text messages) campaigns.

If you receive such an email or a text message, please do not click on any links or respond to the message.

Additionally, here are some points to consider to help protect yourself against fraud:

  • If you don’t recognize a hyperlink sent to you, don’t click on it.
  • Double check spelling – fraudulent hyperlinks using common names and words are often misspelled, even by one letter. If you notice an error like this, do not click on the link.
  • Remember, if you receive an email from a Purolator email address requesting the below information, the email is likely not coming from a legitimate source:
    • Credit card or banking information (e.g., account numbers or passwords).
    • Updated account information related to invoicing or account payments.
    • Electronic/wire money transfers in exchange for shipments to be delivered.
    Purolator does not request the above information (e.g., credit card, banking, account, money transfers) from customers through email or text message.

If you are suspicious about the validity or origin of message from Purolator, prior to opening or responding to a message, please contact us by telephone at 1 888 SHIP-123 to verify that someone from Purolator sent it.

Additionally, please report these types of emails and text messages to your local police agency or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

We appreciate your understanding.

Posted: July 7, 2023