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Purolator recognized with University of Toronto’s Sustainable Action Award for environmental benefits of Urban Quick Stop

March 7, 2023

Purolator was awarded with the University of Toronto’s Sustainable Action Award in the External Business or Partner category for the recent launch of our Urban Quick Stop mini hub pilot project on the U of T St. George campus. The award recognizes individuals and teams who make tangible contributions to sustainability at U of T.


The Urban Quick Stop serves as a mini hub for couriers on electric cargo bikes to retrieve and deliver packages to the surrounding areas, thus reducing the need for traditional courier delivery trucks. This results in a more sustainable approach to delivering and less traffic congestion.

"Our Urban Quick Stops and our partnership with the university is helping address challenges associated with last-mile delivery," said Khelil Khelil, Senior Manager of Applied Research and Innovation, Purolator. "Additionally, the involvement of U of T graduate and undergraduate students in this project, and as part of Purolator Research Chair retained activities, has been invaluable. They have brought new ideas and perspectives, helping us continuously improve and innovate."

In partnership with the university, Purolator expects to achieve many sustainability benefits, including a reduction of approximately 5,800 km travelled per year on the U of T campus and neighbouring community roads. This translates into approximately 2.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The project also reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a pollutant that causes respiratory health problems, leading to measurable health impacts.

“Purolator is most deserving to receive the Sustainable Action Award, as an outcome of their leadership toward making this project happen on the University of Toronto campus. It is a unique example of sustainability research ‘hitting the road’,” said Matthew Roorda, U of T Civil Engineering Professor and Canada Research Chair in Freight Transportation and Logistics.

Purolator's sustainable initiatives are making a difference and driving positive change. We are proud to partner with the University of Toronto for this pilot and look forward to expanding our Urban Quick Stops across Canada in the future.