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EMBERS Social Impact Award: Celebrating inclusivity and diversity

Purolator receives recognition for purposeful hiring program.

September 13, 2021

The diversity of our people is what makes us great – and proud. When looking to expand diversity in the workplace across the country, we partner with a range of organizations to find a team members that will bring new perspectives to our business.

One of these organizations is EMBERS, the Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society, is a social enterprise and registered community economic development charity located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, one of Canada’s most under-privileged neighborhoods. Purolator works with EMBERS to offer employment opportunities to individuals within this community.


EMBERS presented Purolator with a Social Impact award to celebrate Purolator as a champion of change for hiring over 800 people who were facing barriers to work, helping them make a fresh start and lead productive, fulfilling lives.

“At Purolator, we aim to be safe, sustainable, inclusive and inspiring in all we do. Our partnership with EMBERS embraces these goals,” says Paul Merrick, General Manager, Western Canada. “We recognized that EMBERS shares our values and provided an opportunity to provide marginalized and socio-economically challenged individuals with safe, secure and meaningful work.”

Purolator proudly accepted the award from EMBERS and we are committed to continuing to grow as a place where everyone is treated with respect and equality, while also celebrating our differences.


Purolator is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion.