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We all know e-commerce is a booming industry, but did you know that online retail sales in Canada grow by 10% each year?1 The market is saturated with retailers and CPG companies trying to find innovative ways to win over the competition and convert even more shoppers to the online world.

One of the latest trends is “try-before-you-buy”. This is the ability to test out an item at home before purchasing it, which builds on brand loyalty, sales and great customer experience. The model works great with apparel, where the customer’s bedroom replaces the need for a store fitting room. But this new trend doesn’t help with the flip side of e-commerce – the tidal wave of returns.

As e-commerce continues to win over the brick and mortar shoppers, the need for a positive return experience is paramount to its success. Here are some sure-fire ways your online business can provide a painless returns process service that’s convenient to your shoppers, and to your sales.