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Bringing Shopify
and Purolator together

Get one of Canada’s leading shipping solutions providers working with one of Canada’s most innovative self-serve e-commerce solutions to make your online store a success.

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Shopify LG

Choosing Shopify

Ideal for

  • Do-it-yourself small business owners
  • Businesses looking for quick and easy templates
  • Those requiring web-hosting support

Not ideal for

  • Those requiring high levels of customization
  • Businesses selling more than 100 million units yearly
  • Customers with in-house {hosting}

Benefits of
Purolator's Shopify

Accurate shipping estimates

Shipping services that allow your customers to take control of their purchases.

Schedule a pickup

Request a pickup to process orders quickly.

Real-time tracking

Let customers look up the status of their order directly on your website.

Shipping label creation

Create electronic shipping labels for your shipments quickly and easily.

Return label creation

Make returns easy for customers by allowing them to generate return labels online.

How to set up Purolator's Shopify Connector

Getting Started

If you have an online store that is based on Shopify, you will need a Purolator Business Account and an Activation Key to set up your Purolator shipping extension. Follow these steps to get your Purolator Business Account and Activation Key.

Download the Getting Started Guide (PDF) Get Started Now

If you need assistance, or wish to stop using Purolator Business Account with e-commerce platform, please contact the Purolator E-Ship Help Desk at 1-800-459-5599.

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Demac Media

More about Demac Media
Consider teaming up with our trusted development partner. Demac Media is a certified developer for Shopify’s e-commerce platform who will support Purolator E-Commerce Connectors at Shopify

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Get help with

  • System Integration (Magento, Shopify, WebLinc)
  • Digital Retail Strategy
  • Marketing

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Want to know more about how Purolator and Shopify work together? Watch a quick walkthrough of the Purolator Shipping App including settings, shipment, and request pickup.