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Bringing Oracle
and Purolator together

Speak to our partner about integrating Purolator’s E-Commerce Connector with Oracle Commerce.

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Oracle LG

Benefits of
Oracle Commerce

Accurate shipping estimates

Shipping services that allow your customers to take control of their purchases.

Schedule a pickup

Request a pickup to process orders quickly.

Real-time tracking

Let customers look up the status of their order directly on your website.

Shipping label creation

Create electronic shipping labels for your shipments quickly and easily.

Return label creation

Make returns easy for customers by allowing them to generate return labels online.

Why Work 
With Oracle?

Ideal for

  • Those requiring high levels of customization
  • Businesses selling between 5 to 100 million in sales yearly
  • Those looking to implement a highly customizable faceted navigation

Not ideal for

  • Do-it-yourself small business owners
  • Businesses with a small product offering

Looking for a development partner?


More about our partner
Thinkwrap Commerce is a certified integration partner for
Oracle Commerce and supports Purolator E-Commerce connectors.

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Get help with

  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Development, customization and optimization