Purolator Inc.

Purolator Specialized Services (for Freight Shipments)

Purolator Specialized Services may be added to any freight shipment for an additional charge, unless otherwise indicated. Please contact Purolator Freight at 1-888-302-8819.

Advance Delivery Notification

Upon request, we can provide notice to, or book an appointment with the receiver in advance of making a delivery.

After Hours Pickup/Delivery

Freight services may be available after hours upon request, if pickup or delivery is required on a business day after 6 p.m. and before 8 a.m.

Dangerous Goods

Safe and secure movement of sensitive or regulated materials requires special handling and documentation. We have the systems, resources and experience to manage these items with care. Dangerous goods must be tendered for shipment in a manner which conforms with all applicable laws and regulations for air and/or ground transport.*

For full details on Dangerous Goods, please click here.

Inside Pickup/Delivery

We may pickup or deliver a shipment from/to a place other than a loading dock upon request. The Inside Pickup/Delivery service is typically requested, but not limited to, shopping malls where we may be required to take the shipment beyond the shopping mall’s loading dock.

Pre-booked Appointment

If you have a fixed schedule, you may pre-book an appointment to get your shipments picked up or delivered at a specific
date and time.*

Protect from Freezing

Customers may request, where available, our Protect from Freezing service for shipments that have a freezing point of 0°C (32°F) or lower.*


Upon request, we may stop to make an additional delivery for a customer en route to the destination point indicated on a customer’s bill of lading.


We will hold a shipment in storage when we, through no fault of our own, are unable to complete delivery on the first attempt. An additional charge will be applied per day for each day following the original delivery date, or pending a pre-booked, future delivery date that we are required to hold the shipment, including non-business days.


Freight services are available with a power tailgate (whether at pickup or delivery) upon request.

Trailer Spotting

We may, upon request, leave a trailer (unaccompanied by a power unit) at a customer’s premises, in full possession and care of by the customer, for subsequent loading by the customer and transport by us.

Two Person Pickup/Delivery

You may request the presence of a second person to assist with a pickup or delivery. An additional charge will be applied for this service on a per minute basis from the time of pickup or delivery, until completion of such pickup or delivery.

*Certain terms, conditions and restrictions apply. For full details, see Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service or call 1-888-302-8819.