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Specialized Delivery Services

Purolator Specialized Services (for Courier Shipments)

We understand that you may occasionally – or even always – require special delivery services and unique shipping arrangements. That’s why we provide a complete suite of special delivery services designed to suit your specific shipping needs. Additional charges will apply, unless otherwise indicated. Please see the Purolator Rate Guide for full details.

Special Handling

We recognize that customers often send shipments that do not conform to our regular package specifications. We are usually able to accommodate your requirements, whether it's a one-time event or a regularly occurring shipment. Rely on us to manage the process smoothly and effectively.

As conveyor systems at our processing facilities are often not suitable for certain shipments, such as overweight/oversized pieces or non-packaged articles, we manually handle these items using specialized equipment.

Shipments that require Special Handling include:

  • Non-packaged articles – Unboxed items (excluding Purolator Express® Envelopes, Purolator Express® Packs, Purolator Express® Boxes and document shipments), or objects not fully encased in a suitable shipping container (e.g., tires, pails and shrink-wrapped items).
  • Overweight/oversized pieces – Pieces that weigh more than 70 lb (approx. 32 kg) including Purolator Express Envelopes, Purolator Express Packs or Purolator Express Boxes, or pieces that equal or exceed 5 feet (approx. 152 cm) in length, and/or equal or exceed an overall piece size of 165 inches (approx. 419 cm) calculated as: length + (2 x width) + (2 x height).
  • Unsuitable articles – Articles which, due to their nature (e.g. size, shape, packaging, contents) are deemed to be unsuitable for our distribution and sorting system (e.g. ball-bearings, nuts, bolts, fasteners, liquids, wooden or metal crates).
Commencing on January 28, 2018, Purolator will begin redefining its Special Handling categories. For more details, visit Purolator.com/shdg.

Chain of Signature (COS)

Our Chain of Signature (COS) service provides secure transportation of certain controlled drugs and firearms within Canada that require multiple signatures throughout the transportation route. Only authorized customers may send COS shipments. If you ship high volumes of COS shipments, we can provide automated shipping solutions to streamline your shipping process. For added convenience, special COS thermal labels are available through our Purolator E-Ship® Solutions.

Dangerous Goods

Safe and secure movement of sensitive or regulated materials requires special handling and documentation. We have the systems, resources and experience to manage these shipments with care. Dangerous Goods must be tendered for shipment in a manner which conforms with all applicable laws and regulations for air and/or ground transport.*

For full details on Dangerous Goods, please click here.

Duties and Brokerage Fees

When shipping to the U.S. or other international destinations, most shipments are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing country's government. It is imperative to consider the effects of these fees when determining your shipping costs. Our shipment rates and additional charges do not include applicable duties or brokerage fees, so you must pay any fees related to the shipment to our designated customs broker or your own customs broker.** For more details, see Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service.


This service is a convenient way to collect payment for goods being shipped within Canada. With ExpressCheque, we collect your non-cash payment for you at the same time your shipment is delivered. Once we collect your payment*, we will forward it to you. ExpressCheque is available for shipments within Canada using any of our Purolator E-Ship® Solutions.

Hold For Pickup (within Canada only)

Customers can request that a shipment be held at one of our delivery depots for in-person pickup* at no charge, instead of having the shipment delivered to the address indicated on the bill of lading.

Purolator Express® Packaging

Purolator Express® Envelope  
A legal-sized cardboard envelope that is ideal for shipping all of your important documents. 

Purolator Express® Pack
A convenient, easy to use, sealable bag that is tear free and water resistant.

Purolator Express® Box  
A durable, corrugated cardboard box that is ideal for shipping binders, large documents and other items that may require handling protection.

The Purolator Express Envelope, Purolator Express Pack and Purolator Express Box are available at no charge. Alternatively, you can use your own packaging as long as it complies with our shipment acceptance policy in the Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service.

Return Services

Outbound Return Service (within Canada only)
Create return shipping labels to include with outbound shipments or to provide customers at a later date. Generate return shipping labels at no additional charge by using Purolator E-Ship® Online, Purolator E-Ship® Web Services or Purolator E-Ship® Server.

Returns Management Service (within Canada only)
Create return shipping labels without an associated outbound shipment. Use Purolator E-Ship Online, Purolator E-Ship Web Services or Purolator E-Ship Server, to create return labels that can either be printed for customers, or e-mailed as an attachment, at no additional charge.

Saturday Service

When a shipment needs to be delivered on Saturday, rely on our Saturday Service. Guaranteed delivery by end of day Saturday (for shipments picked up on a Friday) or delivery by end of day on the day we’ve specified (for shipment picked up on a Saturday).* Saturday delivery is available to Canadian and U.S. destinations only. Saturday pickup is only available for shipments within Canada.

Signature Not Required / Origin Signature Not Required

We offer Signature Not Required (SNR) services at no charge, within Canada that authorize deliveries without a signature from the receiver.* SNR service can also be arranged by the originator of the shipment - Origin Signature Not Required (O-SNR). This prearranged agreement with either the shipper or the receiver offers you and your customers added convenience and flexibility. We offer a Single Shipment Use form to make it easy for you to authorize a one-time SNR delivery and a Multiple Shipment Use form to authorize all shipments to be delivered without a signature, whether you're the sender or the receiver.

Signature Required (Residential)

We offer a “Signature Required” option for shipments destined for delivery in a residential area. If you require a signed proof of delivery, and your shipment is prepared using our Purolator E-Ship® Solutions, you must select that the shipment requires a signature. If you do not make this selection, the shipment will default to the O-SNR (Origin Signature Not Required) service. When the shipment is prepared using a manual bill of lading, the shipment will travel as a shipment requiring a signature and will be subject to the Residential Delivery charge, not the Signature Required (Residential) service. Note: If the receiver has elected the SNR (Signature Not Required) service, the SNR service will override a shipper’s request for a signature.

Adult Signature Required

Adult Signature Required (ASR) is a value-add service offered by Purolator for shipments within Canada requiring proof of age from a recipient at the address a package is delivered to. Recipients must present valid government-issued photo ID with proof of age at the time of delivery. If valid government-issued photo ID with proof of age is not presented at time of delivery, an ASR shipment will not be released and will be held for pickup at one of our Shipping Centres or Shipping Agents. Packages bearing the ASR label will not be left unattended and will override Signature Not Required service. Valid government-issued photo ID with proof of age and address must be presented to pick up an ASR shipment at a Hold for Pickup location. When the Adult Signature Required option is selected, the ASR charge will be applied to the shipment (in addition to any other fees that may apply to the shipment). This service is available through Purolator’s E-Ship® Online and E-Ship® Web Services.


*Certain terms, conditions and geographic restrictions apply (including point of origin and destination guarantee restrictions and money-back guarantee restrictions). In most cases, end of day means 6 p.m. For full details, see Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service or call 1 888 SHIP-123. 
**Other ancillary fees, duties and/or taxes may apply depending on the type and value of the commodity, and will be invoiced separately by Purolator’s designated broker. 
***Acceptable forms of payment are cheques, post-dated cheques, certified cheques, money orders and bank drafts. Purolator will not accept cash. Purolator makes no representation regarding the validity of the form of payment received and assumes no liability in the event the cheque, money order or bank draft is not honoured. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for full details.
Purolator Express® Box is only available when shipment is prepared using an automated shipping solution. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for details.
††Charges will be those in effect at the time a shipment bearing a return shipping label is tendered to Purolator for travel  through our courier distribution system.

Overweight pieces are not eligible for Purolator’s delivery guarantees. Certain additional terms, conditions and geographic restrictions apply. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for full details.