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Rethink returns: a source of untapped opportunity.

As online purchasing increases, so does the rate of returns. Surprisingly, more than half of businesses do not have the capability to determine if returned goods should be discarded, returned to the vendor, or moved back into inventory. Savvy businesses are looking for ways to minimize the impact – and in some cases, to add revenue back into their bottom line.

Rethink the phrase “Many happy returns”… and learn how your business can benefit from them!

This white paper offers a framework on how you can transform returns into a clear competitive advantage:

  • Boosting customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Managing B2B returns, recalls, defects and more
  • Recapturing value from reusable returns
  • Reselling on one or more secondary markets
  • Developing your returns management supply chain

Once thought of as an unavoidable cost of doing business, returns can be a source of untapped revenue.

To learn more, download the white paper: Take control of your returns and tap into efficiencies.