Purolator Inc.


Exploring the landscape of B2B e-commerce… with 100% Canadian data

Canada’s wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers have overwhelmingly embraced
e-commerce. According to Forrester’s May 2016 commissioned study of 400 Canadian B2B sellers, 75% selling online use an e-commerce solution, and 72% of the firms in the study sold at least some of their products online.

With companies clearly not shying away from omnichannel selling, Purolator commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the current state of B2B e-commerce in Canada. This resulting Thought Leadership Paper uses 100% Canadian data to answer the following questions:

  • How are B2B organizations evolving to embrace e-commerce?
  • What are the most common challenges in online selling?
  • Are current e-commerce solutions addressing the needs of B2B sellers?
  • What do B2B buyers expect from the online selling experience?
  • What are the risks associated with offline-only sales?
  • What are the four key areas of focus in building a successful B2B e-commerce operation?

This study also explores how effective B2B e-commerce solutions are in growing revenue, attracting new buyers, improving customer satisfaction and lowering costs.

To see results and get insights from this extensive 2016 study, download the complete Thought Leadership Paper: Canada Rises to the B2B E-Commerce Challenge: Canadian B2B Sellers Embrace E-Commerce And Prepare For The Future.