Purolator Inc.


Time-proven methods and fresh solutions for today’s supply chain demands

The need to cut costs and improve speed to market have driven enormous innovations in supply chain management in the last decade. Are you taking advantage of the changes to create a more resilient, more efficient supply chain?

This breakthrough whitepaper, Canadian supply chain innovations and best practices, presents traditional logistics solutions that still work well (and sometimes even better) today, along with the latest trends that are changing the face of Canadian supply
chain functionality:

  • Five popular, though vastly different, inventory management solutions that can offer flexibility, cost savings and improved speed to market
  • Leading edge thoughts on optimizing transportation to reduce freight, mileage and fuel costs
  • Benefits and drawbacks of bold businesses moves such as horizontal collaboration and vested outsourcing
  • Inventively turning returns management into a potential profit centre

Today, creative resourcefulness in logistics is a constantly evolving necessity to stay ahead of the competition.

To learn more, download the white paper: Canadian supply chain innovations and best practices.