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It’s more than price: Keep online B2B customers coming back

With more and more B2B purchases being made online, companies often don’t get the traditional personal opportunities to nurture the customer relationship.

However, there is an enormous opportunity to build and maintain loyalty through online channels. It’s an opportunity that is paying off in reduced costs and increased profits for forward-thinking B2B companies.

This exclusive white paper explores:

  • Asking for (and acting on) online customer feedback
  • Detecting early warning signs of customer dissatisfaction
  • Why online customers are more profitable than offline customers
  • What website attributes matter most to B2B buyers
  • The top 6 B2B e-commerce “must haves” according to Forrester
  • How to use analytics to anticipate needs and create a highly personalized e-commerce experience

To learn more, download the exclusive white paper: The Importance of Customer Loyalty in B2B E-Commerce.