Purolator Inc.

Solutions Suite - Technical Integration and Innovation

Optimize your business applications with a customized solution.

Technical integration and innovation solutions are part of the Purolator Solutions Suite, a customized offering with a range of services. Our customized solutions allow customers to connect or seamlessly integrate their technology with Purolator, enabling optimization of shipping functions and business applications.

Customer portals or channels
A customized version of a Purolator E-Ship® channel or customer portal to create connectivity between Purolator’s technology and a customer’s host platform.

Customized tools
Tools provided to extract relevant information from an electronic invoice or report or to modify a set of data for consumption as defined by the customer.

Customized technology solutions
Technical consultants to help customers develop their own shipping system or to integrate Purolator’s E-Ship® solutions into the customer’s system.

E-commerce enablement
A suite of web-based e-commerce solutions, which may involve Purolator E-Ship® Web Services, to enable a customer to fully participate in e-commerce activities.

EDI customization
Modification of Purolator’s standard EDI offerings to meet custom specifications and requirements, including invoice generation, remittance, shipment status, shipment inquiry, etc.

Programming and coding to make Purolator shipping platforms and/or systems – which may include the integration of Purolator’s E-Ship solutions – available to customers.

E-Ship® Server Customized
A non-standard solution to deliver value-add business software enhancements to ESS through the integration and configuration of services between the E-Ship Server and a customer’s core business system.

To learn more about our technical integration and innovation solutions or other services in the Purolator Solutions Suite, please contact your Account Executive today.