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Solutions Suite - Purolator Logistics

Streamline your supply chain with one provider.

With Purolator LogisticsTM, we offer a single streamlined solution to help you manage your entire supply chain. Work with one partner to help optimize and simplify your supply chain complexities and maximize your speed to market in this competitive world.

Import Goods

Optimize supply chain efficiencies
International Freight Forwarding: Purolator Logistics manages the import of goods into North America and delivery into the Canadian market with a streamlined supply chain.

Cross Border Courier, TL/LTL: Whether you require full truckload or less than full truckload, our network of hubs in the U.S. and Canada will help to ensure timely deliveries across and within our borders.

Order Fulfillment/Warehousing

Reduce costs and increase profits
Warehouse/Order Fulfillment: Purolator Logistics can help reduce your distribution centre and transportation costs with our regional multi-client warehouses. You’ll pay only for the warehouse space you use, while being closer to your customers and getting to market faster.

Returns/Reverse Logistics

Improve returns management process
Returns/Post-Sales Logistics: Purolator Logistics provides expertise to handle your inbound flow of returns for repair, restocking or recycling. Our flexible and efficient returns process, coupled with our ability to consolidate, helps you gain greater control of inventory management and reduce your shipping costs, customs and border clearance fees.


Enhance customer experience and grow your business
Leverage our regional multi-client fulfilment centres: Purolator Logistics’ multi-client regional distribution centres can help increase your speed to market and reduce your order-to-delivery

time, enabling you to provide similar levels of delivery service to all your customers across Canada. This is achieved through advantages like freight-forwarding services, integrated customs services and store-direct container-import services.

Access white-glove/same-day delivery: Impress your customers and help drive repeat business with access to white-glove shipping service and same-day delivery when you need it.

To learn more, visit purolator.com/logistics.