Purolator Inc.

Solutions Suite - Consultation

Enhance internal processes with shipping and supply chain expertise.

Business consultation services are part of the Purolator Solutions Suite, a customized offering with a range of services. Our consultation services provide key business information to help you identify ways to enhance internal processes around your shipments and supply chain. 

Information system mapping

Graphical representation of an existing or intended information system solution, based on the details and data provided by a customer, with focus on information system elements and Purolator technical solution components.

Packaging optimization

Recommendations for courier-friendly packaging of shipments or for packaging designed to transport specialized commodity or to meet a specific delivery requirement.

Process engineering

Design of processes and standards, based on a customer’s current or intended operation, including a formalized document that focuses on options for process design.

Supply chain modelling

Graphical representation of an existing or intended supply chain, based on the details and data provided by a customer, focusing on transportation-related elements.

Whiteboard discovery sessions (up to three professionals)

Collaborative session among various stakeholders and functions at the customer’s site. The purpose is to explore current or proposed operating processes and protocols or to uncover areas of opportunity for supply chain, process engineering or technical enhancements. Professionals in attendance at a session of up to three hours may include a project lead, a project analyst and a technical or supply chain consultant.

To learn more about our consultation services or other services in the Purolator Solutions Suite, please contact your Account Executive today.