Purolator Inc.

Solutions Suite - Business Optimization

Optimize your business with enhanced services and customized solutions.

Business optimization solutions are part of the Purolator Solutions Suite, a customized offering with a range of services. Our business optimization options allow you to gain insight and visibility into your business through customized analysis and reporting that facilitate decision making and management of specific business functions across the organization.

Analysis of data to provide insight and support decision making.

Audit support

Assistance in gathering data for freight audits, validating freight auditor’s conclusions or tracking status verification.

Customized reports

Reports customized to meet a customer’s specific needs, potentially involving data from numerous resources or multiple lines of business.

Dedicated customer service representative/resource

Resource assigned to a specific customer to provide support at a customized level for a specified time or project.

Priority tracking or recovery

Visibility into the movement of packages through Purolator’s network with proactive recovery procedures for high-priority shipments.

Project lead/project manager

Resource assigned to lead a project or implement a solution at a customer’s site.

Transmission or reconstruction of invoices

Physical retransmission, reconstruction or reprising of a volume of invoices. Invoices may be in various formats, including standard EDI, customized EDI, CSV, PDF or paper.

To learn more about our business optimization solutions or other services in the Purolator Solutions Suite, please contact your Account Executive today.