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Open a new Purolator Business Account today and save 40% on your shipping for the first 6 months* with the Purolator Business Rewards program.

Visit Purolator Business Rewards for full program details.

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Open an account or call to speak with one of our dedicated Small Business Sales Professionals directly at 1 888 529-9777.

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Reference our Quick-Start Shipping Guide

You’ll find everything you need to get started in our Quick-Start Shipping Guide, including how to register your Purolator Business Account online, information about our services and the Purolator Business Rewards™ program, as well as valuable small business contact information.

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*Offer not available to existing Purolator business account customers. You must be a new Purolator business account customer to receive this offer. Your enrolment in the Purolator Business Rewards program will take effect automatically upon the creation of a Purolator business account. Fixed discount of 40% applies to all Purolator Express® and Purolator Ground® shipments made in the first six (6) fiscal months, as defined by Purolator, from the date of account opening. If you wish to un-enrol, please contact our Small Business Sales Professionals at 1 888 529-9777. Discounts offered through the Purolator Business Rewards program cannot be combined with any other Purolator discounts, promotions, savings plans or waivers. Certain additional terms and conditions apply. See Purolator Business Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for full details