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Returns/Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics and Returns Material Authorization (RMA)


We provide reverse logistics expertise to handle your returns for repair, restocking or recycling.
We receive your returned products at centralized locations, where we can refurbish, return to supplier, recycle, dispose of, or re-stock for future orders, depending on your needs. Our flexible and efficient returns process helps you gain greater control of inventory management and reduce your shipping costs by eliminating the need to return products to your distribution centre. Features of our Reverse Logistics solutions include return material authorization (RMA) management, warranty management, refurbish-test and upgrade, repairs processing and disposal and environmental compliance. As part of our reverse logistics system, we create and assign a reference for the return of faulty products.

This RMA form typically needs to be accompanied by a warranty/return, which helps the receiving company identify the original product and the reason for the return. The RMA number often acts as an order for any repair work required, or as a reference for credit approval.

Triage, Refurbish, Asset/Component Salvage

Depending on your returns management needs we can refurbish, return to supplier, recycle or dispose of returned goods.

Environmental Disposal, Secure Distribution

We provide a disposal and recycling service for packaging and materials that are hazardous to the environment.