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Import and Export Shipping

International Freight Forwarding

We can help manage the import of goods into and export of goods into and out of North America and facilitate delivery into the Canadian market.

A streamlined supply chain can improve the efficiency of importing and exporting your goods for sale. For global manufacturers, we pick up shipments offshore and load containers on to ocean liners for delivery to the Canadian market, where containers are picked up at ports of entry and quickly imported into our Canadian logistics network. 

Cross-Border Courier

Shipping to and from the rest of the world.

Reach new markets and stay connected by exporting and importing to your clients all over the world. Our network offers world-class services to and from more than 210 countries and territories worldwide. 

Cross-Border TL/LTL

We provide timely and efficient border crossings, ensure compliance, and expedite freight shipments into Canada for truckload or less than truckload.

Expedite freight shipments and reduce the risk of costly delays at border crossings with Purolator’s vast network of U.S. and Canadian hubs. Whether you have full truckload or less-than-truckload cargo to import and export into Canada from the U.S., we have the expertise to plan, execute and ensure compliance to expedite the shipment of goods into Canada.