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epost Connect

If you have an epost account, you can choose to receive, store and manage Purolator invoices through Canada Post in your digital epost mailbox.

How it works:

When a new invoice is available, you will receive an email to let you know that it is waiting for you in your epost mailbox. You can then pay your invoice outside of epost by credit card, EFT, cheque, money order or the Billing Centre.

Why epost Connect™?
• Gain protection for your invoice data under the Canada Post Corporation Act and the Criminal Code of Canada
• Enjoy bank-grade encryption
• Eliminate wasted resources with a paperless solution


Is epost Connect™ a safe way to transfer invoices?

Can I sign up for epost Connect on the Purolator website?

How will I know that Purolator has sent me an invoice via epost™?