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E-Ship EDI

High-volume shippers can streamline the invoicing process with Purolator E-Ship® EDI, saving time and money.

How it works:

This paperless solution integrates with your account payable systems, consolidating invoices for all of your shipping locations. EDI provides access to data-rich business intelligence from invoices to shipment status in various formats. If you work in a large company with established accounts payable procedures, you might benefit by integrating Purolator invoice data via electronic methods.

Why EDI?
• Increase efficiency while reducing errors and operating costs
• Reduce or eliminate expenses associated with paper, printing, reproduction, storage filing and document retrieval
• Analyze shipping patterns and expenses easily
• Sort data quickly, so you only see the information you need


What is EDI?

How does electronic invoicing work?

What are the EDI formats available?

What are the technical specifications for EDI?