Purolator Inc.


Montreal Electric Vehicle Show

State-of-the-art electric vehicle drivetrain featuring Purolator’s electronic vehicle

Purolator, one of Canada’s leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider, will introduce and discuss its latest innovative fleet solution – an advanced Zero emission electric powered vehicle to be tested in the Canadian courier industry – developed through a research and collaboration program with McGill University, Cummins power trains and local tm4 technology. Delivery trucks that operate with little to no noise and zero drivetrain emissions make for an exciting time in the courier industry.

Visit the Purolator at booth 535 to see how the new electric vehicle works and learn about its benefits to the environment.

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Purolator in the news:

Harnessing innovation in logistics

Purolator’s own Director of Logistics, Ryan Persad, sat down for the Materials Management & Distribution Magazine roundtable discussion on innovation. The story made the cover as he, along with five other 3PL industry leaders candidly conversed about:

  • Harnessing IT to deliver more speed and flexibility
  • Championing innovation swiftly to create true competitive value for companies
  • Adopting eco-friendly innovations with bottom-line benefits
  • Employing automation for time and cost savings
  • And much more

Read the full MM&D, Canada’s Supply Chain Magazine discussion here: Turning on a dime: agility + cost control = 3PL innovation