Purolator Inc.

One supplier for your logistics needs . . . to, from and within Canada.

As Canada’s leading integrated parcel and logistics solutions provider, Purolator has built one of the country’s most extensive transportation and logistics networks. Through Purolator Logistics, we offer your company a single streamlined solution for supply chain management so you can maximize your speed getting to market in this competitive world.

Consolidate your supply chain needs:

Optimize supply chain efficiencies

Our logistics services offer you a single solution for importing goods into North America and delivering them directly to the Canadian market. Let Purolator Logistics streamline your company’s warehousing and transportation needs from point of origin to warehouse, customer, store shelf or returns processing.

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Reduce touch points
With international freight forwarding by air, ocean or ground, the risks of delays, routing errors, loss and damage often can be high. Purolator gets your goods into Canada, to the warehouse and then directly to you or your customers.

  • Streamlined process with one service provider
  • Fewer risks of delays and losses

Know where your products are
Get peace of mind knowing you have complete shipment visibility with access to the latest in cloud and integrated technology.

  • Goods scanned at the point of origin, during transfer and right up to receipt by the customer
  • Tracking and reporting at your fingertips with our state-of-the-art tracking technology
Easily manage seasonal or peak season volumes

Our team of experts can help you address irregular logistics and warehousing needs.

  • Capacity to handle demand spikes
  • Address emergency situations, problems like time delays and promotional or seasonal buildups before they affect customer expectations

Overcome delays
Our supply chain solutions aim to minimize time delays as they happen, whether due to customs, port congestion, bad weather or other factors.

  • Distribution-centre bypass avoids extra travel and processing, expediting goods’ arrival at their final destination
  • Stage-by-stage scanning process to track your route and avoid setbacks

Reduce costs & increase profits

We can help reduce your distribution centre and transportation costs with our regional multi-client warehouses. You pay only for the warehouse space you use while being closer to your customers and getting to market faster.

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Grow without expanding operations
Purolator Logistics can help with specific distributions without your having to expand your operations.

  • Direct-to-market distribution to optimize speed and efficiency in getting your goods to market
  • Regional multi-client warehousing to save money on storage and transportation

Direct-to-market distribution
Bypass the distribution centre and create store-level or end customer–specific shipments.

  • International freight containers unloaded at port after they arrive by air, land or sea
  • Goods stored and shipped through our transportation network when you are ready
  • One less step, improving efficiency

Improve customer experience & grow your business

Let us help you increase your speed to market by using our regional distribution centres to reduce your order-to-delivery time, drive a better customer experience and result in a faster return on inventory purchased and, possibly, a more profitable bottom line.

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Leverage our regional multi-client fulfilment centres
Purolator Logistics’ multi-client regional distribution centres enable you to provide similar levels of delivery service to all your customers across Canada.

  • Especially important in Western Canada, where warehouse availability is in short supply

In Eastern Canada, serve a large number of stores more quickly and at a lower cost than shipping through a DC

Increase your speed to market
Increased speed to market means a reduced order-to-delivery time. This is achieved through advantages like freight-forwarding services, integrated customs services and store-direct container-import services.

  • A better customer experience
  • Faster return on inventory purchased
  • Ultimately, a better bottom line

Access white-glove/same-day delivery
Impress your customers and help drive repeat business with access to white-glove shipping service and same-day delivery when you need it.

  • Safe and secure transportation
  • Inspection and configuration of your products so your customers don’t have to complete the set-up themselves

Improve Returns Management process

Purolator Logistics provides expertise to handle your inbound logistics needs. Our flexible and efficient returns process helps you gain greater control of inventory management and reduces shipping, customs and border-clearance fees through our ability to consolidate.

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Reduce returns processing costs
We can fully integrate with your inventory and order-management systems, giving you 100% inventory visibility and enabling you to automate client credits according to pre-set business rules. We can also restock your product to be used for future orders, refurbish it or return it to the supplier or recycle or dispose of returned goods, depending on your needs.

  • Eliminates the hassle and expense of returning product to your central DC
  • Avoids inventorying of write-offs
  • Allows for efficient product restocking

Improve customer returns experience
Purolator Logistics can establish a simplified customer returns process across all channels, leveraging our extensive pickup coverage. We offer Reverse Logistics capabilities within our multi-client fulfilment centres, which are fully integrated with carriers, web systems and vendors.

  • Enhances the customer experience
  • Drives repeat sales