Purolator Inc.

Choose Purolator Freight Shipping for Your LTL Needs

Supported by the resources, technology and national coverage of a network unlike any other, our sophisticated freight forwarder
capabilities and freight shipping services can meet your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping requirements while providing
the flexibility you and your customers need.

When shipping with Purolator Freight, you can take advantage of the following benefits: 

Extensive coverage
Reach more customers from coast to coast, as well as to and from the U.S., through Purolator’s extensive network.


Custodial control and shipment integrity
Gain custodial control over your freight shipments as they travel through our network in Purolator- owned trucks, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing all the pallets in your shipment will be delivered intact.


Advanced shipment visibility and management tools
Be more in control with a higher degree of visibility and security for you and your customers, including the ability to monitor individual pallets with our real-time track-and-trace technology. Efficiently manage your freight shipping, and confidently plan your business activities with advance notification of your delivery status.


Customized solutions
Minimize your business risks and gain a competitive advantage with freight shipping services that are designed to meet your complex and specialized shipping requirements.

Purolator Freight is available online, or through Purolator E-Ship® Web Services and Purolator E-Ship® Server (ESS). For more information on freight services or how to open an account, please contact your Account Executive or call us at 1 888 302-8819.