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So much has changed in a year, but thriving through change and continuous improvement are part of Purolator’s culture. Over the summer months, we’ve honed our health and safety procedures and peak preparedness plans to ensure that we’re ready to deliver for Canadians over the holidays. Now, we’re poised for the next challenge: responding to the 2020 “super peak” season while facing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re ensuring that Purolator continues to meet the critical needs of businesses and consumers:

  • Focusing on health and safety: We adapted quickly to roll out new and updated processes and procedures to protect the well-being of our employees and communities. These include “contactless” deliveries, curbside pickups, online training and reconfigured workspaces to ensure physical distancing. Our facilities follow sanitization and personal protective protocols, and we’re continuing to follow advice from public health organizations and medical experts to guide our ongoing COVID-19 response.
  • Opening and expanding facilities: We’re making a multi-million dollar investment in our network infrastructure to meet growing delivery needs. Over the past year, we’ve opened four new facilities across the country. We are also introducing a mobile trailer solution to meet peak demand in terminals requiring more space. In the meantime, portable dock trailers will process more volume on a temporary basis.
  • Increasing customer access points: This holiday season, Purolator is expanding our consumer access points to more than 1,650 across Canada, including increasing our self-serve Quick Stop Kiosks, Mobile Quick Stop trucks and parcel lockers to provide exceptional convenience and customer service when shipping and picking up packages.
  • Expanding operations and hiring: Through expanded weekday and weekend operations and recruitment, we will deliver to 40 per cent more delivery stops than last year. We are hiring approximately 1,600 employees, increasing our workforce by over 10 per cent.
  • Adding vehicles: To meet market demand, we’ve increased our number of pick-up and delivery vehicles by more than 10 per cent, trailers by over 30 per cent and heavy trucks by almost 15 per cent. We’ve also just announced the expansion of our fleet of electric cargo bikes (e-bikes) and low-speed vehicles in Montreal, Que., and Toronto, Ont., to improve last-mile delivery in dense metropolitan cities using sustainable new delivery methods.
  • Enhancing our processes for critical shipments: We’re prioritizing critical healthcare and express air volume through a segregated sortation facility/network to better identify, sort, process and track these shipments to ensure this critical freight is consistently delivered on time.
  • Communicating with customers: During times of high-shipment volume — and particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic — we’ve been proactive and transparent in communicating how we can support our customers’ needs. Throughout this busy season, we remain committed to engaging with our customers through timely and transparent communication to ensure that we can successfully meet our commitments.

It’s clear that this peak season will be unlike any other we’ve seen in recent history. As shipment volumes and e-commerce trends continue to be dynamic, we’re prepared and remain focused on delivering for our customers, while always keeping the safety of our people and our communities as our top priority.

John Ferguson
President and CEO