Purolator Inc.

Celebrating Canada 150

To prove that we know Canada better than anyone, we’re heading across the country to capture all the unique, interesting and downright amazing little known parts of it. We’re proud to partner with local businesses and cities along the way as we continue delivering promises nationwide. Who knows, we might even stop by your town. Join us on our journey from coast-to-coast for Canada 150.

Red As Far As the Eye Can See

Argyle Shores, PE
It’s hard to choose what to marvel at first; the ocean or the beach itself. With every trip down the TransCanada Highway, the endless sand and rolling red hills make everything around fade away. It’s easy to see how one can get lost in the beauty of it all.


Wild West of the North

Big Muddy, SK
Deep in the heart of Saskatchewan’s badlands sits Canada’s very own “wild west”. Once home to outlaws like the Sundance Kid, the rugged landscape is exemplified by Castle Butte, a 70-metre high rock formation outside the town of Coronach. And they rely on Purolator to ensure they get the supplies they need for themselves and their many visitors.

Where the Beginning Meets the End

Forillon National Park, QC
Hikers across the globe are drawn to the legendary Appalachian trail, and Forillon National Park marks either the beginning or the end of that journey. It’s no wonder Purolator is commited to expanding our fleet with environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles to help protect places like this.


Lending a Helping Paw

Beaver Bank, NS
Jeff Collins knows a thing or two about prosthetics. Being an amputee himself, he recognized when his own dog needed help. Now he helps ailing dogs around the world get back to their life without missing a beat. And for every piece he constructed for them, we were the ones who delivered it.

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Where the City Meets the Shore

Vancouver, BC
To most, driftwood is nothing special. But for Andrew Azzopardi and Christina Robev, it can be anything they put their minds to. Using reclaimed wood from around Vancouver island, they create stunning installations and unique crafts – all from something many of us never even notice. And no matter the size or scale of the project, Purolator helps deliver their creations anywhere, day in and day out.

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From Street
to Home

Calgary, Alberta
To some, like Adrian and Martinus Pool, skateboarding is an art. Which is why they couldn’t bear to see the wood of discarded skateboards go to waste. So they gave them a new life as recycled furniture. Now their style and colour live on in the woodworking craft the brothers have mastered. And we’re happy to partner with them to help bring their creations to homes across the country.

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