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Which e-commerce trends truly matter … right now?

According to Forrester Research, 2016 presents B2C and B2B professionals with a now-or-never choice: outpace the pack by responding to current marketplace trends or fall permanently behind in the customer obsession race.

It sounds dire, but it doesn’t have to be if you know where to focus your attention. This groundbreaking November 2015 report offers Forrester’s take on the six e-commerce trends that matter now. It also offers insights on the five widespread claims that are generating a lot of buzz … but that you can actually afford to wait to address.

What matters?

  • Amazon: Learn how this powerhouse continues to drive the retail agenda.
  • Mobile: Find out how customers are using it and how you can respond to increase sales.
  • Digital assistants: See how this trend is changing how your products are discovered.
  • B2B self-service: Learn what buyers expect and how to truly create the right balance of online and offline sales resources.
  • And more ...
This report places an equal focus on B2C and B2B and contains actionable suggestions for managing each trend discussed. To learn more, download the Forrester report: Predictions 2016: The eCommerce Gap Widens—How Winning B2B and B2C Firms Will Pull Ahead for Good.